It was an idea… no rather it was a continuum of disconnected thoughts that gave birth to this event.
I was never into blogging and the wilderness of nighttime fantasies  (read wild dreams) never went near the realm of blogging either. Still the slight nudge of friends and family from time to time coupled with the defiance against the work I spend my daylight hours on and the invincible invisible writing spirit deep down somewhere inside me helped me share my thoughts online.

I am a traveler and an avid reader at heart. Have not really travelled or read a lot, but I said it already.. “at heart”, that’s what counts buddy!

Given the option I would happily enjoy travelling and reading throughout my life. Simply because in some faraway foreign land, sitting under a tree, clutching the book I had just finished reading, watching the sun set amidst all the warmest colors dancing in the sky, the characters in the book start morphing, and forming a story of their own in front of my eyes.

And then when the cool breeze brings along the intoxicating fragrance of unknown evening-flowers, while the stars starts peeping one by one and the moon shines back with her serene smile; I just know am not away, am always home.

The pieces I will share are basically that came and went just as a stroke of inspired kaleidoscope of pit less human emotions, some travel stories and some plain stories.

Hope I can make you see what I see. My journey as a wander-tree starts there.